January 30, 2014 Volume 8, Number 4

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Harvest of Barnstable



Top 10 Trends observed at The Buyers Market of American Craft

Steven Cooper

1. Big bags rule, especially bags sized amply to fit tablets and laptops and bags with convertible, long cross-body straps. And often, there is a "mini-me" bag to go with it - so you can stash the big one and go with the coordinating mini when you need to. It's a world where bags have their own bags.

2. Leather cuffs for men and women with cool hardware. Very sexy and youthful. One designer says she was pleasantly surprised that in addition to younger shoppers, many of her retail customers are women in their 50s! These are structured pieces, but still casual and hip -- not like the leather hippie bracelets of the past.

Mad Art Studios

3. In the animal kingdom, birds of many feathers flock to the forefront, but among 20-somethings the sleepy-eyed sloth is a new "it" creature - and a sly alternative to the wise owl. Among the water creatures, whales and crabs join the many varieties of tropical fish that are popular in design motifs.

4. "Downton Abbey" has influenced fashion: for a couple years, the Princess's fascinators were hot, but here, we saw contemporary, decorated cloche and brimmed hats taking inspiration from ( and named after ) characters of the popular public television series.

Mr Sogs Creatures

5. Victorian influences in jewelry, everywhere. We saw a lot of painted and/or enameled jewelry in vintage reproduction styles as well as contemporary styles.

6. Colors that pop - from Pantone's orchids and to eye-popping shades of blue. Indigo Blue is emerging. Post-recession return to color accents. But also saw lovely products that fit the incoming trend of neutrals that move when you're ready to move.

7. In artisan-made plush and even decorated pottery -- the monster toy has comfortably moved into the nursery, with huggable, baby versions of whimsical and edgy toys and décor objects. The under-35 crowd that has fanned the monster trend is now entering the realm of parenthood.


8. Big trend: Recycled/upcycled continues to embrace luxury. It's a nod to the realities of producing from sourced recycled goods, but also it's a signal of the continuing mastery of the materials and techniques by the artisan/designer who can achieve a level of sophistication and refinement of products for upscale homes. In many cases, you can no longer look at a product tagged "recycled" and discern the origin of the materials. In other words, it may look like ceramic tile, but it may be made of recycled fiber. It may look like a ribbon bag, but it may be made of seatbelts saved from car scrap yards. Saw this again and again.

G3 Studios

9. In glass, many artists and designers show bold color and design and statement pieces - very large. Some of this is display technique to catch the eye of passing buyers in the aisles, but some are the showpieces designed for a certain type of collector and the home/corporate/decorator marketplace, these pieces are coveted. The same companies often are offering a scaled down or miniature version of the design for more affordable home décor and accents.

10. Young children's products are re-emerging in the wholesale handmade market. Some of this springs from parents' demand for organic products and baby-safe manufacturing. Many makers got out of this business or amended their practices when a set of U.S. regulations related to lead/chemical content were first introduced earlier in this decade, increasing the makers' costs. The smallest makers (handcraft) were not using unsafe materials but felt they could not afford the fees of meeting the federal requirements. It took some time, but there are more signs now of rebound and new products.

Haunted Howls in Houston

Costume Ball

The 2014 Haunted Attraction National Tradeshow Conference (HAunNTcon) was co-located with the Halloween & Party Expo in Houston and running January 23-28 at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The Trade Show was open from Jan. 25 through Monday, Jan. 27 and more than 40 hours of in-depth educational opportunities ranging from creative to the specifics of financials running a business. Sessions ran for four days and ranged from beginning to expert levels. A costume ball was also hi-light among show attendees. People got decked out in costumes and evening wear while chowing down on a Texas BBQ buffet, while listening to live entertainment. Haunt tours were also available.

Tamara Childs Collection Opens Permanent Showroom at Las Vegas Market This Week

Tamara Childs

Internationally-renowned artisan of hand-gilded glassware, Tamara Childs of Childs Studio, opens her first showroom in the western United States at the popular Las Vegas Market this week. Childs Studio showcases its extensive array of hand-gilded glassware, giftware, tabletop and home décor and accessories at the new permanent venue. The showroom is open to buyers and customers year-round.

Even as an ancient art, gilding thin metal leaf on surfaces as a means of adornment delighted its recipients—as gifts, showpieces or as everyday tableware. In her unique style, Tamara Childs continues this timeless tradition of creating hand-gilded pieces of table art made for a lifetime of enjoyment and use.

According to many interior designers, the trending word in tableware and home décor this year is ‘metallics’: gold, silver, copper and a composite of all create a new elegance for the well-styled home. Topping the list of must-have metallic decor are hand-gilded dining accessories and giftware from the Tamara Childs Collection.

Childs is introducing a new line of metallic gilded designs especially for the Las Vegas showroom. Stunning red variegated metal leaf glows on Childs’ hand-gilded works of functional art for the table.

“The Tamara Childs brand literally sells itself. Showing and selling the Tamara Childs Collection is fantastic for us because she not only creates 100 different hand-gilded pieces but in eight different colors from silver, gold, copper, northern lights, red variegated and so many more,” says Jim Burnett, retail manager and buyer for LCR Collection in Connecticut, a full service design and decoration firm with a retail shop selling specialty home furnishings. “Her work pleases just about every customer we have. She’s definitely a brand leader in our showroom. We’ve consistently sold out of her ever-popular gilded tabletop ware and accessories”

Las Vegas Market is a leading furniture, home décor and gift marketplace presenting more than 2,000 resources in an unrivaled market destination. Las Vegas Market features thousands of furniture, home décor and gift lines, allowing for cross-category commerce among these industries. The Winter 2014 Las Vegas Market runs January 26-30, 2014, at World Market Center Las Vegas.

“We have made great gains in the specialty tabletop category, and the winter 2014 introduction of Tamara Childs (Childs Studio) permanent showroom further positions this market as the leading gift, home décor and furniture destination in the western United States,” said Dorothy Belshaw, president of Gift & Home Décor, International Market Centers. “Tamara Childs’ hand-gilded tableware and tabletop accessories are extremely popular with buyers around the world. We are honored to help Childs Studio launch their exquisite collection at their new showroom in Las Vegas.”

LA Mart open on Friday, January 31, Saturday February 1st and Monday, February 3rd

The LA Mart announces today that it will add three additional GALLA Market days so it can create a seamless and enjoyable experience for buyers attending the California Gift Show.

The LA Mart will extend their GALLA show dates to be open on Friday, January 31, Saturday, February 1st, and Monday February 3rd, from 9am to 5pm. Free shuttle service from the Convention Center to LA Mart will be available. The LA Mart has elected not to be open on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd.

“We know that the change of the convention center’s show dates, off of Los Angeles’ traditional third week in January gift show cycle, has been puzzling for some buyers,” says Frank Joens, senior vice president, general manager at the LA Mart. “Many buyers are accustomed to attending both shows during the same time period so we made the decision to step up and put the buyers first by opening these extra days.”

Joens worked with his showrooms to extend their open times on the heels of a very successful Winter GALLA Market. “Our goal has been, and will continue to be, to meet the needs of our buyers first,” adds Joens.

Buyer amenities include free shuttle service from the Convention Center to the LA Mart, free parking, free WiFi service in the Lobby as well as free coat and baggage check. For those arriving form Union Station to the LA Mart, taxi reimbursement is available.

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Giftware News' January Digital Insider Look Book is Now Available for Viewing

Don't miss the latest digital Look Book Insider issue: NOW VIEWABLE ON all devices...

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Make sure you sign up for your complimentary subscription of GWN's Look Book Insider, which is delivered directly into your inbox each & every month.

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